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Default 5600 driver nightmares

Hello. I got what appears to be an NVIDIA Geforce FX 5600 Ultra with 256 megs DDR SDram.
Underneath the heatsink the gpu is labeled geforce fx ultra, but in windows is reported as a regular geforce fx 5600.
Now, this seems to be the least of my problems, with my asus A7v600 mb (KT600 VIA chipset)
I had the system running stable for a while, with old 44.03 drivers, every other driver I tried made my system very unstable.
the bios on the card is version "
Nvidia Geforce FX 5600 VGA Bios

My system became unstable when I started messing with drivers to see if I could get TV-Out to work again.
I've tried everything but flashing the vga bios(which (if possible) is a very last resort)
I've looked around and the highest bios version I could find for any geforce fx was .. which makes me wonder if I got a hacked up card..

Any help would be appreciated.

--I'll try anything.
Asus A7v600
Athlon 2600 Barton @ 1.9ghz
Samsung DDR400
Nvidia Geforce FX 5600 (ultra?) (256megs DDR)
WD 80gb 5200 rpm

One last note, the card booted up in my linux box just fine, Xorg started with the .6111 drivers, everything seems fine, and it's still reported as a 5600 without the ultra (I usually keep a tnt2 in it).
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