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Default Re: Madden 2005: Fumbles, fumbles, and more fumbles?

Well, except for the fumbling and having a hard time getting yards on the ground I'm loving Madden 2005. I also bought a Xbox and ESPN 2K5 yesterday but I think I prefer Madden 2005 on the PC. ESPN 2K5 looks like watching a game on TV at times, just amazing, but it's hard to make out details down the field. So, when passing I'm basically looking at a blob of pixels down the field and hoping I'm throwing to the right guy. Maybe I just need to get adjusted to the lower resolution. It would be great if they could keep everything larger (stay closer to the action). I also tried connecting the xbox to my HDTV tuner to see if it would be any clearer on the PC monitor but that didn't work out very well either. Anyway, Madden 2005 doesn't look quite as good overall as ESPN 2K5 on the Xbox but it's much easier on the eyes so I'm enjoying it more. I'm more able to get into the game instead of straining to see my players and the action downfield.
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