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Default Re: I miss sega hardware

Sega leaving really changed things and I miss them also man. The gaming world owes alot to them because everyone from Nintendo to X-Box got an idea from there systems. I still think Sega helped make the X-Box because its so similar to the Sega's past consoles. There still in the gaming business but sucks they got out of the hardware business because I think they stopped taking chances with unique games they would bring to there system with no qualms to making safe games which Sony or MS has to approve. I was really hoping MS would buy them and just slapp there name on them and let them go wild.

Also I am pretty pissed at Sega because I think they gave up too quick on some of there consoles and jipped American gamers out of some great games most of which were already in english to begin with. Boggles my mind why they wouldnt release any of those great capcom games or some of the best shooters ever made that Japan saw here in the States. Its like they wanted to fail and it really sucked you had to import every good game with the Saturn because Sega wouldnt release it here.

Playing my Genesis back in the day with friends were the best days of my life. Nothing on Super Nintendo came close except Mario and a few of its RPG's.
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