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Default Re: Rant on SMGs Tangentally Related to Video Games

Well there are subguns and there are subguns. Cheap and crude weapons such as MAC-10 and Uzi are quite different compared to weapons like MP5 in all categories.

MP5 is very accurate. Unlike most submachineguns, it fires form a closed bolt. MP5 is capable of sub 2 MOA groups, which is accurate enough for military and police use. That means that in real situation accuracy is dependant on skills of shooter, not the capabilities of the weapon.

Yeah, assault rifle calibers are superior when possible target is wearing body armor. On the other hand, pistol round is less likely to overpenetrate and go thru walls and cause collateral damage. Thats pretty important factor in police operations. Submachinegun in also easier to silence.

I have seen some army lethality tables and 9mm round is lethal to suprisingly long distances. IIRC 9mm subgun round I shot when I was in the army had v0 of ~420 m/s, thats quite a lot more than any commercial 9mm round sold in the US has. BTW, In Europe 9mm x 19 caliber has higher pressure limits, so 9mm rounds sold in Europe are considerably hotter.

9mm x 19 round is also designed for selfloading weapons and is quite reliable because of that. i.e. 9 x 19 has tapered wall case, .223 has straight wall case and is thus less suitable for reliable automatic operation.

So, in police operation in confined space, I'd propably rather have an MP5 than an assault rifle. IMHO, of course.
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