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Default Re: On Shadow Ops Athlon 64 gets 64 bits booty!

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL
The processor has nothing to do with textures and rendering, thats all based on the GPU and memory bandwidth. Having a CPU thats 32bit, 64bit or 82349234bit wont change your GPUs ability to map and filter textures.

And 64bit doesnt run faster. As far as I know, it just allows more instructions to be used... if they can make something take advantage of that in a way that speeds things up, then it will run faster. But it wont help in GPU limited cases. Not one bit.
The Athlon 64 has more registers when in 64-bit mode, in 32-bit mode the extra ones are off. That is where the performance difference comes from. Due to that performance they can add in more. (although I am sure the performance would be find anyways, its also a PR type deal.)
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