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Exclamation Losing performance due to my TFT?....

Just got myself a BFG 6800 Ultra and it's great! Just when I think my system is all setup and spot-on, I get another problem... my TFT screen!

I get tearing on the screen, I guess this is due to the response time of the screen, if I enable V-Sync it gets rid of the problem, however it loses me 20,00 Aquamarks!... If I run Aquamark I get 70,000 marks but with V-Sync enabled it goes down to 50,000 markss.

I'm just wondering if I should get rid of my TFT and go back to my old monitor so that I don't have to enable V-Sync and lose performance. However I don't really want to part with my TFT, it's an 18" Compaq TF8030 and cost me quite a few 's...

Any ideas/comments would be appreciated. I mean the TFT looks nice on the desktop, but if I'm not getting the most out of my 6800 then I guess it's got to go.

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