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Default Please help with game pausing/lag problem

I have this system:
- Athlon 64 3800+
- ASUS A8V Deluxe (BIOS: 1005.027, VIA Driver: 4.51)
- Corsair 1GB XMS 3200XL
- XFX 6800 Ultra (Driver: 65.73)
- Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS
- Western Digital 200GB SATA HDD
- Windows XP Service Pack 2
- Please let me know if any other specs are required

I just installed Colin McRae Rally 04 (also with other games so read on) and I am having a problem with it pausing or freezing for about 1 second at seemingly random times. This happens with the graphics settings on maximum or minimum and even on maximum I get 150fps to 250fps (using Fraps) most of the time and it drops to 80fps when this pause occurs. I have the latest patch for CMR 04 and I checked the Codemaster's website where they said that this could be caused by EAX so they said to add either NOEAX or NOHARDWARESOUND to the shortcut but I have tried both and neither seems to work.

I have also tried Midtown Madness 2 and it seems to have the same problem. FarCry may also have the same problem, it is hard to tell but it seems that every now and then it has a slight pause even on the lowest graphics settings. I have also tried Doom 3, Soldier of Fortune II, and Half-Life and none of these games have this problem.

I have checked the CPU and motherboard temperatures with ASUS PC Probe and they were 48C - 50C and 33 - 35C, the video card I am not so sure about because I can't check it while I am in game (ASUS PC Probe lets me record the temps) but I ran Doom 3 in window mode and I can't remember the exact temperature but it was under 80C.

I have tried setting my XFX 6800 Ultra from it's stock 425/1200 speeds to 402/1100 (for both 2D and 3D) and I have tried setting "Max Frames to Render Ahead" to 1 but neither of these has any effect. I also have AGP Fastwrites set to off.

Does this sound like a graphics card related problem? What should I be checking/doing now?


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