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Default Re: I miss sega hardware

Sega was AWSOME... I had a Master System and a Genesis. Some of the best games ive ever played were on the genesis:
Shadowrun (SNES version was great too)
Phantasy Star IV : The End of the Millenium (absolutely amazing... this game cost $99 when it was released, and people payed for it... its so long, and is so perfect... best anime-style RPG -PERIOD-, I cant even play any other ones after playing that)
Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun (just beat this on an emulator after having owned it for at least 5 years... what an AWESOME game... for being as old as it is, i cant believe how much there is to it)

Some other greats:
King's Bounty
General Chaos
Light Crusader (sadly all the games were bugged with broken save chips... even the ROMs are broken... but with the save feature on an emulator, you can save and reload just fine )
Arcus Odyssey
Zero Tolerance (came out around Doom, looked pretty good, allowed punching, kicking, damaging scenery, jumping, crouching, planting bombs, body armor, really cool weapons and huge levels... what an awesome game, I wish someone would port it to PC so it ran faster and had mouse support)

I never owned or even played any of the more recent Sega consoles... but I prefer older console games anyway. Any newer games I just cant get in to... it has to be on PC or be on a 16bit
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