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Default Re: I miss sega hardware

Saturn was awesome. I remember buying the net link software to play online and surf the web back in 97. Sure I had a pc and aol @ the time, but there was something neat about surfing the web through a console on your t.v. Sega was ahead of their time. Consoles are just now touting online play, when Saturn had it in 97! And the games were great. Loaded, Nights into Dreams, Wipeout, UMK3, Panzer Dragoon Saga, etc.

Alot more of the same with Dreamcast, online ready, and choke full of fun games. I bought one the day it was released...who can forget 9/9/99 =) I still play it. Tennis 2k2 and hydro thunder are just too addictive. Too bad they shut down all the online servers...I was quite addicted to PSO...sega did make some great's too bad 90% of the customers out there buy what the mags tell them too. To think n64 out-sold dreamcast is a travesty and proof that mindless consumers buy what's "cool" rather than what's fun!
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