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Default FX 5200 open gl freeze after resolution > 800x600


I looked into this everywhere, forums, google and didn't come up with nothing userfull, I have an MSI FX5200 card, have downloaded last week the newest set of drivers but doesn't help it, I'm playing enemy territory, every time I try to use any resolution > 800x600 even with all settings on low, the machine freezes after sometime playing, sometimes I can play hours, sometimes it freezes just 5 seconds after the switch. I'm able to play other games like Morrowind with up to 1152x892 all settings on high with no problems. If I stay on 800x600, no problems occur. I've tried all resolutions (Even with the same desktop resolution) up to 1200 with no luck. Spec:
Win xp pro service pack 1
Athlon 2.6 XP
Asus A7v8x
Someone got any idea? I'm sure I have no termal problem, I have put extra fans and no component go beyond 55C.
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