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Default Re: Sims 2: How to paint masterpieces?

Well, he does finish paintings, but they aren't masterpieces.. can you please flip thru your SG to see if they mention anything?

Fortune asipration itsn't bad. Actually, he's on the top of his Career ladder now, as a Criminal Mastermind.. he now goes to work in a black and red costume with things coming out of his back.. lmao! I think he makes about $1500 a day.

Hitting the wants wasn't too bad either.. I must have gotten him to drink whole canisters of the Elixer of Life like 3 times or so already.. I just make sure he's collects at least 30,000 points before he's at the halfway age point.. You get good points going to work and getting raises too, in the beginning.. now that he's at the top of the ladder, all he wants is expensive stuff, sell a painting, and occasionally make new friends..

The "want" of painting a masterpiece gets him 6000 points though!

I moved him out of a house, with two other women but unfortuantly i didn't realize that he left all his money and stuff behind.. doh.. so now his ex roomate slacker and med people are sitting on a house chock full of cool stuff and 90k just sitting around.... But I got him and the other two women slowly building up a new house already..

Originally Posted by six_storm
I've been wondering the same thing. I've got the SG for Sims 2 but I haven't had much time to read it. I think you just have to keep painting till the picture is done or something. You must have picked a Fortune Aspiration. Good luck buying expensive stuff.
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