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Default Re: On Shadow Ops Athlon 64 gets 64 bits booty!

The whole point of 3d accelerators to begin with was to offload ALL texture-processing OFF the cpu, and the point of implementing pixel shaders was because the cpu CAN'T access the textures once they've been transferred to the graphics card.

So, no... this is pure PR bs. I don't know if I'm right about this part, but the only case (that I can imagine) where a 64-bit processor would have any *major* effect on texture size performance is in a case where the textures exceed a 32-bit processor's 4gb limit. And, well, a 2048x2048x32 texture only takes 16 MEGAbytes, so we're a good ways off until it becomes a limiting factor.

Of course, 64-bit optimizations should be able to help in other cases, like geometry, AI, and physics.
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