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Default Re: The Current PC Gaming trend continues...Splinter Cell Chaos Theory delayed until 2005

Originally Posted by ynnek
Is both PC and XBOX delayed?

or is it PC ver only delayed? If thats it, then I'll assume Microsoft paid them to push the PC ver out, to help Xbox sales..
Both versions are delayed, and I don't think MS has had any deals with UBIsoft since the first Splinter Cell game. Oh well, to be honest I'm actually glad they delayed it, in November I'll probably be too busy with Halo 2, and in December I'll probably be playing Mechassault 2, not to mention Half-life 2 could come out during any of those months and fill up my schedule even MORE. Come to think of it, every month between now and March another game releases that I'm really looking forward to, and that's not even taking Half-life 2 into account...sweet! I should get a calander to mark the dates or something...
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