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Default Re: Me thinks this may pose as a problem...(HL2 related)

Originally Posted by Seoulstriker

But yeah, HL2 in April 2005 is looking more and more likely to happen.

I have a feeling that if it comes down to it valve will completly breach their contract and release on steam only. Vivendi can only push so hard, only delay so long before valves lawyers can find a loop-hole and let the dogs out its cage.

My worry isn't it being 2005, its vivendi trying to stall the rc/gold like they did on cs:cz except till the holiday season. I think after all this is over people will find out alot about vivendi's business practices in terms of strong arming developers. From trying to force developers into giving up their IP, to trying to find loop holes in their contracts to take the IP from them. To force releases, forced delays, and so forth. And one wonders why a publisher with a list of all star developers, is having bad finance issues. Well peep the management.

Originally Posted by Cheimison
And this is why I hate intellectual property.
"You can't do that! I thought of that first! Because I thought of something and wrote it down I now have control over the actions of everyone else."
So you don't think that developers are allowed to own their own games? There are positives and negatives to IP.
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