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Default Re: Please help with game pausing/lag problem

Ok, I have tried these drivers:
- 61.77
- 65.62
- 65.73
- 66.32

Unfortunately none of them made any difference to my problem. Each time I uninstalled the old drivers in "Add Remove Programs" and then went into Safe Mode and ran "Detonator RIP", then installed the new drivers.

One thing I did notice while testing all these drivers is that a couple of times when it froze I heard a beep. I am not sure if it was from the soundcard and speakers or the computer speaker but it definately was not part of CMR 04 and not meant to happen. I don't know if this could help identify the problem?

When I run CMR 04 and the other games I have in the tray:
- ASUS PC Probe
- Logitech iTouch
- A HP Printer icon thing
- Disabled Norton Antivirus icon
- Creative Volume Control

There are other programs running in the background that I can see in the Task Manager, e.g. InCD, but I don't really want to just end the process and stuff something up.

I don't have any programs like Outlook, Winamp, or Messenger running.

Any other ideas about what it could be or what I can try?

EDIT: Head_slinger I just realised we have very similar systems, the biggest difference is the video card. So you aren't having problems anymore?


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