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Default Re: Please help with game pausing/lag problem

Far Cry runs fine at high detail, I haven't really played it that much because I am waiting to see if SM3.0 support is included (again ). In Doom 3 with the standard card (425mhz/1200mhz), 65.73 drivers, at 1280x1024, in game settings on High Quality (I think includes 8x AF), all "Advanced Settings" set to yes - except vsync, and 4x AA, I ran timedemo demo1 and got 53fps. In game I haven't had any problems with the frame rate and it looks amazing.

Except for this problem (which it seems is not video card related anyway) this is a very nice video card.

EDIT: I see a lot of people are benchmarking Doom 3 without AA so I just ran two more benchmarks without AA
1024x768 - 95.1fps
1280x1024 - 80.7fps


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