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I installed the drivers and everything, now it says something about invalid symbols or some crap, all I want to do is restore my x windows thing to how it was before I installed the Nvidia drivers I was using the driver "nv". whenever i do setup and x config, the probe has errors finding my chipset and stuff (which chipset do I choose for an Nvidia Geforce 2 Mx 400???) , so it cant load x system.

so how do I restore the settings to what they were when i installed redhat 7.3 without reinstalling???

When I edited the x config thingy i made a backup of it and then restored it and it didnt work =( so im guessing nvidia removed the drivers I had before. How do I restore them?

As you can see im a total newb to linux, and a question: why doesnt someone make a program or something that does all this crap for us?!?! all this insmod and probing makes me tired. I guess this is why people stick to windoZ?

pls help Im desprate
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