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Default Re: The Current PC Gaming trend continues...Splinter Cell Chaos Theory delayed until 2005

Oh, and for those who don't know, Pandora Tomorrow wasn't made by the same developer that made Splinter Cell 1, it was handled by a different team (well actually 2 different teams). The ones making Chaos Theory are the original Splinter Cell developers.

In fact, Pandora Tomorrow wasn't even supposed to be a full blown sequel, it was just supposed to be one of those "1.5 expansion packs" along with Black Arrow and Ghost Recon: Island Thunder. But after a while they felt that it was long enough and had enough new features (such as the multiplayer) to actually market it as a bigger game. But Chaos Theory from the start was made to be the real sucessor to Splinter Cell. So they aren't really quickening up development cycles, they're just coming out with more "stand alone expansion pack" kind of games.
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