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Default Re: Star Wars Battlefront

I just got done playing this game online for about an hour. I really cant decide at this point if I like it or not. It defenatley needs some patches. I remember how horrible BF:1942 was when it came out. The multiplayer browser is horrible as seems to be the norm these days (no favorites). The action actually seemed pretty fun however. You can actually be a droideka and roll up in a ball roll out to your location, unfold put up your shields and start blasting just like in the movie. You can pilot vehicles (which is akward). The graphics are nice, not great, but nice.

I dont feel like it was a waste of money yet. I think with some patching this could really be a great game. What ever happened to a game being polished out of the box. I dont think that exists anymore. I feel bad for the console owners. It is also quite fun to fly around and shoot down at people. They will also need to release a dedicated linux server (I have not heard of any plans for this) if they really want to appeal to hardcore online gamers. I think this game would be a GREAT lan party game. You really have to work with your team to be effective it seems.

On a scale of 1 - 10 at this point I would give it a 7.9.
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