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Default Re: Please help with game pausing/lag problem

I think I have found the problem! I went through the list of things I had disabled and ran them one by one testing CMR 04 after I ran each one and it seems that it is when I run the "ASUS WLAN Card Utilities" file "Center.exe" the pause/lag problem occurs. I disabled it in msconfig and enabled everything else and it seems that my problem is now fixed! I will keep testing but so far CMR 04 is running smoothly.

Head_slinger : I don't have UT2k3/4 but I just ran the original UT and it seems like the game runs at normal speed for a few seconds and then runs at fast speed for a few seconds etc. It is like I am walking and then running. I am installing Raven Shield now and I will try that. So there is another problem I have to fix .

DJMONDY : Thanks, I will keep those things in mind if I have problems again.

Thanks very much everybody for all your help,

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