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Default Started playing Halo again...

So I started playing Halo again. I got tired of Painkiller (finally) and have put FarCry on the side until Crytek releases a patch with HDR-or until someone comes out with a total conversion mod. ( So yea...FC wont be played till at least June 05 =P ) Doom 3 was un-installed the minute I beat it and I hate to say it....but even UT2K4 is losing my interest.

So, I went and loaded up Halo and gave it another shot. I have to say, now that it actually runs @ a high resolution with respectable frames...this game isnt so freakin bad! I mean, it's not the "greatest game ever" like so many mags said back in 2001 when it hit the xbox...but it's damn fun. The A.I is sick when you put this game on it's hardest level....guys sneak up behind you, actually duck from gun shots, etc. Alot of people seem to bash the graphics, but I have to say....they look pretty nice to me @ 1280X1024 I know there's spots with low res textures, but all in all, it looks alot better than 75% of the games out there to only gripe is AA still doesnt work. =/

I may just have to download the custom edition...anyone else ever actually like this game? Can you suggest some mods for it? ( I'm desperate here...I need something to play)

It'll be kinda cool to beat this again before Halo 2 arrives, it will also be nice to use my xbox for more than NFL Fever 04. heh.
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