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Default Re: Started playing Halo again...

Originally Posted by Buenamos
I personally hate the pc version, the multiplayer is ridiculously laggy which makes it impossible to melee, which is a BIG part of battles.....I play halo on xbox over xbc all the time, that's where all the competition is at...
I still play Halo PC CTF quite a bit on the weekends. I normally get 33ms pings on the Bungie servers, which isn't too bad (I like the Bungie servers, other than the fact that Bloodgulch isn't in the map rotation anymore). I'm not great on knowing exactly how much to lead, but usually do ok.

I bought an xbox just to play Halo 2 when it comes out. I've been playing Halo on xbox for practice, and aiming with the controller is the pits. I reduced the sensitivity to see if that would help. Anyone got any tips on aiming with the controller? Probably just many hours of practice I guess.
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