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Default Re: Started playing Halo again...

Originally Posted by bmg
I bought an xbox just to play Halo 2 when it comes out. I've been playing Halo on xbox for practice, and aiming with the controller is the pits. I reduced the sensitivity to see if that would help. Anyone got any tips on aiming with the controller? Probably just many hours of practice I guess.
I had trouble aiming with the controller at first, but after I played the game for a few hours I really got the hang of it. Now I almost prefer the controller to the mouse in some ways (not being precision, of course), but it ONLY feels comfortable in Halo, in every other FPS I played on the Xbox the controller aiming just doesn't feel right. Halo must do some magic thing with the aiming that actually makes it feel responsive on a control pad, it just seems to flow better than any other FPS on a controller. It's strange and I can't really describe it, but anyway you should get used to it.
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