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Default Re: Star Wars Battlefront

Well I played for like 4 hours tonight and I have to say at first i didnt like it at all. But as time passed I started to enjoy it more and more. When you first start to play it feels akward and clunky. Heh thats the best I can describe it. I like precison movement and feeling in my fps's. However that clunky feeling never goes away completely you do get somewhat used to the feeling and I have to say I actually like the game now. I found a couple of better server to play on and 1 had like over 50 people on it. Some of the maps are way to small imo, some are perfect. The game is loaded with action and overall fun factor is there. However there are some issues.
The in game browser as mentioned here needs work and lots of it, cant always get in a game even though it says there open slots. The weapons need a lil more balance imo and could use a little more kick as well as splash radius on the rockets. In my time spent online playing so far the Imp's seem to usually win and win by alot lol.
The vehicles are akward as hell to fly/drive, in fact the control scheme for them sucks ass badly. Thats prolly my biggest gripe with the game so far.
As far as gfx, they are ok not great but ok. I think we here on this forum all seem to expect more from todays new games and quite frankly so do i. But thats what you get when you have a game that was basically made to run smooth on the consoles and also PC. I truly think if they had made this game PC only it would have truly rocked, although they prolly wouldnt have turned a profit. Such is life in todays gaming market.
I dont want anyone to get the idea that I dont like the game, because I do and with some patches I think this game will only get better.
So overall I would have to say its a fun game with sorta cool gfx alot of action and crapy controls for the vehicles.
I would give it a 7/10.
Hope this helps anyone deciding on buying or passing.
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