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Default bad performance with correctly inst.driver

so let's try this again in the new forum. (bad performance with seemingly correctly installed drivers)

here is my problem.

I am trying to play quake 3 but performance is choppy. Not a lot by any means (not like mesa) however enough to make aiming impossible :-(
I have the newest drivers installed, I have checked to see that quake 3 does use the correct libraries. I have tried NvAGP and AGPGART, I have experimented with nvclock. all to no avail.

I have a geforce 4 Ti4200 an athlon XP 1800+ 512MB DDRSDRAM SuSE 8.0 so it shoud run fine and anyway this happens at all resolutions and even at lowest detail levels (picmip 5!!).

if you have any ideas please please please help.


PS I've set the drawFPS option to true in quake 3. the numbers change so fast I can't read anything - it just looks like 88. I remember somebody else on the former message board had the same effect but I don't know if any solution was found.

PPS greetings to DarkLLord

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