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Default Re: The Sims 2: I dont know what to do?

To really enjoy the game, you have to "care about" your sims lives.. Like what happens to them, and make "stories" that they live thru..

I kinda lost interrest in the characters I made now, so I'm taking a break from the game.. put down the dolls, and pick up the cars and guns again! lmao

edit: I personally like buildig my own characters.. makes it more involved, since you are there from the beginning.. although you may want to start on a premade chracter if you don't know what your diong.

When I go back to the game, I may get my characters to attept for baby's, and the breed them.. Then I'm thinking it might be time for one of them to grow old.. He's been downing the elixer of life's alot.. heh..
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