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Originally posted by netape
A little off-topic:

Don't you think ATi is a little bit stupid for not releasing 9500 next month? Because 9500 arrives about the same time as nv30 and nv30 will have (rumors) budget cards (dx9 (not some crappy gf4mx type of things )) that (I think) will kick r9500's ass...

I'm not going to buy a 9700 because it costs too much and I think many people think about the same...

I really hope that Nvidia brings another gf4ti4200 version of nv30 to the xmas season, but if they don't they're gonna lose me and probably others as customers...

Just my 2 cents
The ti4200 was great. It would be a shame if NV didn't release something similar.

$700 CDN for a vid card doesnt appeal to me.
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