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"So should blizzard make their mmorpg only available to those with insanely fast systems, they are trying to make a good product and make money, not just please a handful of people who have insanely powerful machines."

Actually yeah I prefer that - that way two years from now it won't be through the third engine upgrade on top of older ones - bit cleaner that way

And its not like you cant turn the options down on EQ2 - I'd rather have the option to turn it way up or down not be limited to "ok" graphics

And I have a feeling you will be shocked to see just how many people buy EQ2 - it won't be "limited" at all

Other than graphics not doing it for me check out the WoW boards - have never seen more "733t" speak , immature rants/posts in my life - battlenet crowd is not my thing - to each their own but they are targetting two different crowds - and I for one am glad to have a game that USES the full potential of my high end machine NOW instead of a year from now when I will have already upgraded
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