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Default My run-in with a console boy

So I walk into a GameCrazy tonight to buy's that VERY rare occasion where a console game interests me . Theres a guy in the place playing Star Wars Battle Front for xbox...we start chatting while my game is being rung up, I tell him I almost bought it for PC but it got bad reviews....he goes "ah pc sucks has twice the power of a PC" The guy working at the store jumps in " well I dunno if it's that powerful, but xbox is def. superior to pc's at this moment" .....I almost wanted to get my money back for hearing such stupidity....the fiance rolled her eyes cause she knew it was about to go down lol. I respond " well yknow pc does have much higher have aa/af to smooth things out and help with detail... Xbox carries a 733mhz cpu...while the best PC cpu right now is a 3800+ equivalent to a 3.8 GHZ cpu. The guy playing responds " Well xbox has just as good's ps2 that doesnt" I start dont understand...t.v, unless their hdtv's only have an output of this point my fiance grabs the game and me and we walk out, when we get to the car she says..."your lucky I love ya so much you nerdy bastard" It wasnt that I was trying to out smart them...I just hate the misinformed, they dont realize the power of the PC! heh.....ah well..that was my console boy run-in story....(we'll ignore that I'm a PC boy and strictly flame this guy ) Time to see if this Fable game is great or just hype. Evil, evil console....making me cheat onmy gaming rig....dirty, dirty bastard...
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