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Default Re: My run-in with a console boy

I know there's no winning when trying to argue with them. But man does it bother me. I mean PC is so much more powerful, nicer looking, faster, and! Free online play, higher res, mods, extra maps, skins, patches....demos, upgradable hardware...etc.

I just want to see PC Gaming flourish and it ticks me off when Xbox or any console gets so much praise and credit for stuff like...." oh xbox live is the next step in gaming" has had online gaming for over 10 years...if they'd just give it a chance they'd realize what their missing, and Pc Gaming would be much more financially stable....but then the same time...I guess it's nice having it be small too...kinda like a secret club that not so many people know about yknow? A catch 22 I suppose.... It's just the most annoying thing in the world when you buy a game thats on multiple systems and the guy at the counter sees you have a PC you a weird look and says..."uh...we got this on console too, in case you wanted to get it on a REAL system" (Had that happend back when I bought GTA3)

What I dont understand the most is, console fans bash PC Games, they bash PC's for being used for games, yet they dont see right in front of them, how rapidly consoles are emulating pc's...from online play, to hard drives, to downloadable content...

Nice to see i'm not the only one who feels this way...hehe....we gotta stick for our loving hobby!
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