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Originally Posted by Gator
Ya it gets a bad reputation, but when paired with a fast CPU the FX5200U can perform pretty decent. Obviously it's benchmarks leave much to be desired, but in real world games it gets the job done provided you don't care about AA/AF. I played UT2K3 on my father's Athlon64 3000 w/ FX5200U and it was very smooth at 1024x768
The 5200 should have been an excellent DX 8 card. Even without Intellisample the performance hit when anabling aniso/AA is smaller than in the NV2x generation of cards. The limited ability to elaborate 4Z/stencil may be useful in games that make heavy use of stencil/soft shadows

Too bad NVidia decided to include only one FP shader unit while implementing FX12 in both pipelines. The result is that upon switching from PS 1.1 to 1.4/2.0 the performance is halved
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