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Default Re: Is Rome Total War openGL?

Originally Posted by Subtestube
You can use SM3.0 stuff in OpenGL... just by enabling the FP40 & VP40 Profiles (surely)... at least that would be my understanding of it. I can't think why SM 3.0 WOULDN'T work with OpenGL... after all, it's just a feature set expansion.

To be fair, I've not actually tried that yet - all the shader stuff I'm doing at the moment only needs the FP & VP30 profiles, but I can't see why the new profiles *wouldn't* work.

EDIT: This is no longer just a suspicion. I just loaded up the NVSDK, and a good proportion of the "GeForce 6 only" demos (i.e., SM 3.0 required) are OpenGL based.

As to the original question, couldn't say whether R:TW will be DX or OpenGL, but I'd guess strongly at DX.

sm3.0 in opengl? i didnt know that! thanks... i learn something new everyday.
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