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Default Re: Oh yes, Accepted into World of Warcraft Beta I was.

Ok, Wow, I have been pretty impressed so far, And most MMORPGS have ceased to impress me.

I dont know if any you enjoy role playing, But I most certainly do, Used to do so alot on Neverwinter Nights, And Everquest, In Any event theres alot of great realism factor, Depending on what you type your charactor actually emotes and acts to it.

If you use an "!" mark at the end of your system your care looks very excited and impatient and just extactic, its hard to explain but it really adds life.

Also using "?" in your system your charactor will look like they are asking a question. It adds alot of realism to the game.

Using a standard period results in a normal conversation emote, This might seem annoying, But its integrated seemlessly into the game. It doesnt look exxagerated at all.

Graphics, They are better than Everquest, I wouldnt call them EQ 2 graphics, But they definately have a realism factor to them, I like how each individual armor piece shows up perfectly, (Cloaks show finally!) Of course they made the women sexy (how could they not? At least the humans)

It run great for me @ 1280x1024 with 4xAA/16x AF, I turn off Texture stage optimisation and mip map optimisations and just stick to trilinear, Unfortunately the more aggressive texture stage/mip map opts cause a little shimmering. But Brilinear does not.

need to look over my NDA a bit but I think I can post some screens. Nvidia was definately smart turning this into a "TWIMP" title. MMORPGS sell so many graphic cards these days.
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