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Default Co-op gameplay possibilities

Okay, i am a long time gamer and there is something that has got to stop. i will never try to take away what quake 3 arena did for gaming.. in its intense deathmatch and team play. but game developers need to realize that things are not as they used to be. everyone saw thee success and since then, EVERYTHING has been deathmatch, or capture the flag or something. now, the real fun for me and i am sure, many others, is in cooperative play. imagine doom 3 or far cry with you and a few friends completing objectives? how fun would that be? i know there are mods for games out there, but those mods arent the original levels and its just not the same. imagine a whole thief 3 game with you with someone else? this is just me ranmting adn raving, cause now quake is coming out, which is going to be great, but comeone... i am tired of capture the flag. sorry for the ranting guys, i just run a Lan party for my air force base every 6 weeks and people alwasy ask me about coop games..
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