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Default Re: 3D Mark 05 - the countdown begins!!!!

Yeah... I want a new benchmark that will prolly run @ 5fps on my 6800 GT.

Their visuals never warrant the frame rates you get. Games with better visuals have better fps. They need to take a different approach than slamming you with a ton of overdraw or other "invisible" things that kill the framerates.

IMO, A brand new 3DMark should always stay above 30 FPS on a 1 year old "mainstream" card (In this case, a 9600XT or FX5700 Ultra).... then make the score go from there. Anything that dips below 30FPS would FAIL the test (No score for that portion of the test).

They need to quit using overdraw and crap to bring down the framerates and do it purely on the visuals!

Oh well... that's my 2 cents.

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