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Default Re: UT2k4 Onslaught pack!

Originally Posted by Mr. Hunt
Because so many times these days companies come out with games and then basically abandon them *COUGH* SPLINTER CELL PANDORA TOMORROW ON PC *COUGH*. It is nice that they gave us some new stuff for free.

And I think what you are thinking of is the new edition being sold... it comes with UT2k4 on DVD and a bunch of mods I THINK (I might be wrong). But it is nice that they made it available to everybody who already bought the game .
I think I already agreed with you somewhere earlier in this post... Yes it's nice.

Apparently I'm an irreconcilable miscreant for being at all critical of the fact that we were given less than what we were initially told instead of kissing Epic's ass for giving us anything at all. I now see the horrible error of my ways, end topic.

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