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Default Re: UT2k4 Onslaught pack!

No, I am just saying you may have misunderstood what was going on... maybe was what you were thinking of. That is the same thing... but only a new release with the mods. Maybe THAT is what you were reading about, and this downloadable thing is just the new UT2k4 stuff.

I am just complaining because people shouldn't complain about free stuff. I don't mind somebody complaining (most of the time) unless it is like this. So many other game companies don't even fix problems (like SC PT :\) that have been known about since the first release. Hell, Ubisoft even said some of the problems WERE fixed and never were fixed and still haven't after 3 other patches.

If somebody told me they were going to GIVE me $20 bucks for nothing. But then later gave me $10 I wouldn't complain since they didn't really HAVE to give it to me.
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