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Default Re: HL2 might be held back 6 more months!

Well, we'll see if VUG is going to be a smart buisness oriented company and put their differences aside with valve, to make money on releasing HL2 this year for the holiday. Or we'll see if they shoot valve and themselves in the foot out of spite, hold the game back 6 months, and pretty much lose half the revenue they could make if it came out now.

6 months from now is March.

Stalker comes out in March, so either THQ will chicken out again and further delay stalker like they did this year, or they'll grow some balls, put it out there and see sales sky rocket and push HL2 to the side.

No one "in the know" is gonna pay for HL2 to play it if it's pushed back another 6 months. And if VUG does this, apparently they dont know how to run a company who's intent is on making money...steam takes some sales with it...they delay it 6 more months and sales will be horrendous for both sides
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