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Default Re: 3D Mark 05 - the countdown begins!!!!

Originally Posted by jAkUp

You know, if you don't care why did you click this thread? I'm excited because I wanna see what my card can do. I want to see how it stacks against an X800XT. I want to see the image quality. I think thats reason enough to be excited. 3DMark05 is what the next generation games will look like. 2003 was a pretty decent indicator at what games looked like, Doom3 looks plenty like the Game test 2.

I clicked it because I didn't know what the "countdown" was and was curious.... As for posting about it, well I tried very hard to say that I'm not criticizing anyone else for their excitement over it, I just think the whole countdown thing and the hype over at the FM forums (yes, I checked out the link) is kinda overblown. I mean, its not a game, its just a benchmark tool with some fancy graphics. Yes, I'm looking forward to checking it out, but spending hours trying to figure out the secret of the countdown clock is a bit much for me.

But hey, This wasn't a personal attack on anyone. If thats what you are looking forward to, then I'm excited for ya...
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