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Default Best PSOne Emu for FF7?

Alright, seeing as HL2 may or may not be delayed another 6 months, i'm officially done worrying about it. Also, seeing as everything I own and have installed on my HD has been beaten and played to death...i'm also getting really bored. Nothing I'm interested in comes out till Nov. and that's if EA decides not to delay lotr:bfme or pacific assault.

So in the mean time, I've decided to play Final Fantasy 7. I own a legal copy and also have a psone somewhere around here, so my question is legal, as long as you own the system you may d/l the emulator. Rather than find my psone and play it on a t.v, I want a high res and aa/af-so my question is, what ps emu has the best options for smoothing out those edges and playing without too many bugs?

I know I'll need to find a bios and plug-in's...i'm familiar with all that, but just havent been keeping up with the emu scene for a while and dont know which one is the best right now.

Any suggestions?

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