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Default The Problem with Multiplayer

This applies to ANY multiplayer game with teams or co-op:
Unless you are playing with someone you personally know, and who is of reasonable mental capacity, multiplayer games are basically just spazz deathmatch where players don't kill half the people. I don't care if it's Counter-Strike, Raven Shield, Q3: Arena, Tribes, whatever. All I ever see are these people who refuse to team up/squad, tell no one what they are doing, offer no support in fights and generally attempt to defeat the enemy team entirely on their own, typically in the most idiotic way. Even players who are technically skilled (good response time, weapon knowledge) just tend to run out and do whatever the Hell they feel like. If they get near the flag, they grab it, but they make no attempt to aid the flag-caputiring capacity of the team.
Take snipers or machinegunners for example. These can be a great resource for squad cover (if you could ever form a squad). But is that what they do? No. They set up shop in some easily defensible location with a good view and just kill any enemies that go by, without regard to whether that location is useful in any way or if the team would have better uses for them like providing cover fire and flank protection.
The closest you get to 'teamplay' is people running together for combined firepower, although I suspect this is 80% "we happen to be going the same way". No matter how brilliant a plan you concoct, everyone is going to get whatever weapon he feels like and do whatever he feels like.

Part of this can be blamed on communication issues: There is no pre-game briefing where each squad member is assigned roles and fire corridors (Raven Shield excepted, but it's a bitch to explain things to people). There is also no command structure, even games with obstensible leaders just end up 'and that guy can make dots on the map'. Most games have pretty crap-quality audio, and 80% of the players either don't have mics or choose not to use them. The 'built in' commands are too damn tedious to function.

The rest of the problem is that most gamers are 12-16 year old males who aren't of any particular degree of intellect. Any skill at the game is entirely through repitition and most of them don't have the first clue of actual tactics (PILE UP ON THE SAME SIDE OF THE DOOR WHEN YOU BREACH FOR CHRISSAKES) and most of them don't care.

On rare occasions you'll find a mature, literate human being whom you can communicate with and who is willing to exchange information and follow/give commands. This improves the experience a lot, but the rarity of patient, intelligent gamers makes this virtually impossible.

This is one reason why, to this day, console and LAN games have a better experience than online games. The people are there, you can talk to them, you know them, you have some concept of eachothers abilities and what strategies you use on misc. maps.

Until I can find a game without these irritating, half-brained spazzes as teammates I'll just stick to single player or bots.
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