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Default Re: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Originally Posted by Subtestube
I'm well aware of the benefits of Dynamic Branching... I was more talking about the perceived change that gamers will get as developers move over to using it. As both Edge and I mentioned, probably the most significant change in terms of things we'll actually see in games is to do with Vertex Texture lookups (which equates, usually, to displacement mapping). I completely agree that from a dev point point of view, knowing looping/branching will be better handled is quite significant.
Cool, yeah I didn't mean to imply that you guys didn't "get it". I've just seen about 4,000 threads on this topic spin out of control into complete garbage so I just wanted to say my piece being a bit jaded as I am on the whole topic. I tend to agree that the biggest benefits we'll see (at first anyway) are going to be related to DM and instancing.
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