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Default Doom 3 Tweaking

Doom 3 Tweak at

General Commands

com_showFPS [0,1] - If set to 1, shows the current frame rate in Frames Per Second (FPS) at the top right of the screen.

com_allowConsole [0,1] - If set to 1, allows the command console to be opened by using only the '~' key, rather than CTRL + ALT + ~.

bind [keyname, command] - Binds a command to a key. For example:

bind F10 com_showFPS 1

bind F11 com_showFPS 0

This binds the F10 key to the command "com_showfps 1" (which turns on the FPS counter), and the next line binds the F11 key to the command "com_showfps 0" (which turns off the FPS counter). If you want to make a key binding "toggle", that is pressing the same key turns a command on or off, then use the 'toggle' command instead, for example:

bind F10 toggle com_showFPS

Now the F10 key alone will turn the FPS counter on and off, which frees up the F11 key.

bindunbindtwo [keyname, command] - Same as bind command, however if the key you want to bind is already being used more than twice, it will unbind it first then bind it to the command you've specified.

unbind [keyname] - Unbinds any existing commands from the single key named.

unbindall - Unbinds any commands from all keys. This command is used most commonly as a starting command before setting bindings, so that you can be sure the keys you are binding are not already in use by another command.

loadGame [savename] - Loads a saved game with the name specified. If no name is specified, loadgame will load the last quicksave.

saveGame [savename] - Saves your current game under the name specified.

editor - Opens the Doom 3 "DoomEdit" level editor. See Patches, Maps and Mods section.

echo [text] - Prints the specified text on the screen.

exec [filename] - Executes the commands in the config filename provided. For example to execute all the commands in a custom configuration file called MyTweaks.cfg, type:

exec MyTweaks.cfg

And all the commands in that config file will be compiled and run.

screenshot - Takes a screenshot and places it in your \Doom 3\base\screenshots\ directory as a .tga file, similar to using the F12 key.

conDump [filename] - dumps the entire contents of the console for the current session to the filename specified (as a .txt file) and places it in your \Doom 3\base\ directory.

freeze [seconds] - Freezes everything in the game for the number of seconds specified.

clear - Clears the console of all text to date. Useful if you want to clear the console before generating specific text (e.g. listcmds) then condump them cleanly.

con_noPrint [0,1] - If set to 1 provides text feedback in the console, but not on the screen when console is not visible.

exit - Closes Doom 3 and exits to the Windows Desktop.

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