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Default Re: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

To Woodelf:

The Xbox was NEVER the equal statistically of PCs when it came out. It had a hell of a lot less memory and CPU power. The reason consoles seem to exhibit more power (EDIT: Than they actually have) is two-fold:
1. They don't have a huge OS running in the background. Meaning, all the memory is available to the game, and the CPU's context shifting is far less likely to ever bottlenck you.
EDIT: One of my flatmates just called me a goit for posting this bit, because (as he says, correctly I might add) the Xbox runs a modified version of the Win2k Kernel. It IS true that all systems of any kind DO need to run a Kernel, but the nice thing about a console is that that is the ONLY other major thing running. In reality, when you're running a game the Windows process scheduler should have enough sense to not let anything else interrupt it, but that's not always the case. Because games tend to be a heavyweight process, anything else interrupting will probably result in a complete context shift... which is pretty quick in human terms, but pretty slow in CPU terms. Just thought I should qualify that statement, as it's a little misleading when I really think about it.
2. Developers really really work to get every little bit of performance of Console hardware, and can develop for a specific hardware set. Makes things a LOT easier.

As for why would you want an R500, I'd think the answer is pretty clear - it's going to be a lot faster than an NV40 or R420. I'd imagine the XBox2 will either come out just before or just after the NV50/R520... so, truth be known th Xbox 2 will probably at least seem more powerful than its PC contemporaries when it comes out.

Oh, that and it's going to be running an IBM custom designed tri-core Power-PC chip. I mean, ****, that thing is going to be FAST.
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