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Default Re: My run-in with a console boy

Originally Posted by Cheimison
Of course if some console maker would actually make a decent console system that's upgradeable (set components for stability) then consoles might start competing in terms of capacity.
Ugh, that would be horrible. It was bad enough with the N64 where the expansion pack was mandatory for some games, but what would happen when you get 2, 3 upgrades for a console and each are interminglable? It would defeat the entire purpose of having a fixed platform, and you'd end up with a unit that you'd NEED to upgrade in order to take advantage of the newest games. Plus, developers would probably get very lazy and inefficient when programming games, they would have to focus more efforts on compatability rather than optimising it for the low end, and as a result games running on anything less than the newest upgrade would look worse than they would if it was a fixed platform. And it totally defeats the equality of playing online with consoles: the entire point is that every person is playing the game at the same framerate and using the same control method with the same graphics. I'm plenty happy with the current 4-5 year cycle for consoles. They might start to look outdated in the 3rd or 4th year, but I'd rather pay $200-$300 for a console and have it look a little outdated later on than having to pay an extra $200-$300 during it's lifetime in order to keep playing every game released for the platform.

Plug a GF3 into a 1.4ghz AthlonXP rig, with 256mb SDRAM... hook it to the TV. Dial your picture qality in and play @ 640x480. Turn everything on. Heck give it a bit of AF too, maybe 2x. Then say that again.
I donno about that, playing Doom 3 and Halo on my XP2000/ti4200 resulted in some VERY low framerates, even at 800x600 with AA/AF off. If I compared them to the Xbox equivalent, I doubt the PC would seem much better (though the Xbox version of Doom 3 doesn't look nearly as good as the PC version, but it seems to run at a better framerate than I got most of the time, and that was with a better computer than your example). They've managed to get pretty efficient with consoles (have you seen Resident Evil 4 or Gran Tourismo 4? Damn those look good for being on such horribly outdated hardware), and with certain high-end PC component prices on the rise it doesn't suprise me that the average console game would look better than the average PC game on "average" hardware (and for god's sake, would PC manufacturers PLEASE at least put a damn fx5200 in their computers? Intel Extreme graphics do NOT cut it anymore, especially when there's no AGP slot on the motherboard!). Now playing on a 3ghz computer with a 6600gt card in it, NOW we're talking!
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