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Default Re: My run-in with a console boy

Put it this way, how much faster is the Xbox over a PC that cost the same, $150-$200? Anyone can say that a PC is faster, but you have to spend over a grand to get anything decent. Plenty of Xbox games look great too since it's on a fixed platform, like that Chronicles of Riddick everyone likes. Heck, look at Burnout 3, itís amazing even on a PS2.

Also, I feel sorry for these people that are so misinformed. Look how the PC gaming world works in stores. Even the cheap $50 cards have big fancy names with ultra fast gaming written all over it, especially with all the graphic art on the box, like putting flames on a car to make it go faster. So someone that doesn't know much will think $50-$100 gaming cards will be fine, but then fine it's crap compared to what consoles can do.

Then you have minimum requirements on game boxes that are just to get the game to start rather than to play good. Unless they go online to check card reviews and forums on PC gaming, these people will get now from info at stores, especially since most employees know nothing too.

My laptop with a 9600 mobile can play Halo at 640*480 on my TV better than an Xbox can. But for an xbox, low resolution is fine since it looks ok on a TV. But once you get to a PC, you have to have even more power so you can run at a decent resolution so it doesn't look like crap on a CRT or LCD.
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