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Default Re: My run-in with a console boy

Originally Posted by Timothyb
So someone that doesn't know much will think $50-$100 gaming cards will be fine, but then fine it's crap compared to what consoles can do.
But thats due to software issues not hardware ones. Console game developers are very VERY good at working with what hardware they are limited to. If PC game developers would take the same time and effort into making there game run on lower end systems we would not have this problem. For example my friend installed Far Cry on his Dell computer which includes a Geforce 5200nu. He had to put everything on low/off and run it at 800/600! This totally ruins the experience. Now I know that the 5200 is a very weak GPU but it is still able to run short 1.1 shaders easily. If Crytek would have implemented these shorter shaders he would be able to play it with pixelshaded water.
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