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Default Re: My run-in with a console boy

Originally Posted by anzak
From what I have read, ATI used the Radeon VE in the PS2. I guess that im wrong.
Yeah, the GPU (well, actually it's not a GPU in the traditional sense) in the PS2 is custom designed by Sony. It's nothing like any regular graphics card on the market, it's quite customisable but VERY hard to program for. In the PS2 the GPU and CPU are really the same thing, which is in a way kinda good because then there aren't seperate bottlenecks in the console, however since it isn't specifically designed for any particular feature and relies on essentially the same processor to handle everything from AI to surfacing effects, it can get bogged down pretty easilly in a game scenario, which is by far it's biggest fault.

Originally Posted by anzak
When the is the Xbox2 set to be released? All I know is that M$ cannot package a $400 video card into a $300 console. What about cooling? These components will also be harder to keep cool and console gamers are very sensitive to noise.
Actually, that's pretty much what they did with the Xbox 1 (not to mention a harddrive, mobo/CPU, and ram). When the Xbox 1 was released, the Geforce 3 (the graphics card that the Xbox's was based on) was still $300, and the variant in the Xbox had a GPU clocked faster than a ti500 and with an extra vertex shader like the GF4 has. It's definatly not unreasonable to think that their next console will have a graphics processor that's equal or better to what's availible on the PC market, but at a much lower price (remember, MS buys things at wholesale price whereas consumer graphics cards are sold with a large markup). MS was willing to take the $100 loss on every Xbox they sell because they knew they would be able to make it up in software sales and lisencing, and it's not unreasonable to think that they'll do the same with the Xbox 2. I remember when the Xbox was first released, someone made a thead here that said something like "Why does a $300 console have a video card better than my $300 Geforce 3?"

As far as cooling and noise go, MS has learned a lot from the Xbox. The early Xboxes had a seperate GPU fan, and the DVD drives were quite noisy. Later on they were able to remove the GPU fan entirely and replace it with a large-sized heatsync (which greatly cut down on noise), and the DVD drives were replaces with quieter, more reliable ones. Hell, they even removed the metal outer frame from the Xbox interior, which reduced the weight of the console by several pounds (it wasn't really needed, since any blow that's powerful enough to crack the plastic casing would likely break the internal components from vibration alone). This time MS is focusing on efficiency, I think Gamecube and even the PStwo is a very good example of an efficient console. Amazing that something that's 1/6th the size of a PC tower and makes practically no noise is able to put out graphics like Rogue Leader and Resident Evil 4. It's not how big it is, but how you use it that counts

Oh my, I really do like to talk about graphics cards, don't I? Well, At least on this board I don't feel like I'm alone
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