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Default Re: Co-op gameplay possibilities

Don't forget about System Shock 2. That's a very enjoyable game in coop, although with 3 or 4 people the scare factor is lessened dramatically. However, it's great going through the game with a friend, and definatly worth checking out. Sadly coop play does seem centered on consoles, even an old space shooter on the 32x called Shadow Squadron supported coop (granted, it was more of a "one person drives while the other shoots" type of coop, but have you EVER seen coop in a space shooter before?).

Oh, and I think Red Alert 2 had some coop missions in it, though they did seem more like regular skirmish missions except with 2 people rather than 1. But at least they were designed to be played by multiple people.

Originally Posted by SigmaOrionis
I definitely cant see a Doom3 as a Coop. Its too cramped you'd just be getting in each others way.
One person holds the flashlight, the other person shoots...seems to work for me
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