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Default Re: Is Rome Total War openGL?

Originally Posted by MUYA
not much. I think what Mesce means is that the driver intermediates the OpenGL API calls which hooks into DX API for some calls/ routines etc? not sure....but OpenGL itself is different to the way it written C++ or whatever. ...maybe i am wrong?
I'm not sure what you mean here...? I mean OpenGL does all the rendering in D3 to my knowledge, and GL doesn't need DirectX at all to do... well, anything in terms of actual screen rendering. At the same time, there's no good reason the D3 engine couldn't use DirectX for Sound, interaction... any of that sort of stuff. C++ Is just the programming language it's written in and has nothing (directly at least) to do with the choice between OpenGL and DirectX. DirectX is a superset of various different sub-APIs... DirectDraw and Direct3D are only two of them. So.. I guess it's possible that R:TW could be compliant with DX 9.0b, and still use OpenGL. Still, I highly doubt it does... DX just seems far more likely. In real terms, very very few current games use anything other than DirectX. One way to know is if they plan to release for Linux/MacOS. If they do, they're almost certainly not using DirectX for their rendering as it'd require most of that code to be totally re-written. Note, that this, again, is not even remotely conclusive. It's all guesswork, at best (for the moment). To be totally honest, whether it uses OpenGL or DirectX is pretty irrelevant from an end user standpoint. Least, if you have a standard PC running windows it is.
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